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School bus driver/tourist


that you can trust

above all joy

Satoshi Sudo


Reason for joining the company

I used to work at my family's petrol station. Because it was in the neighborhood of this company, I somehow felt that the drivers were on good terms with each other. ,and. Another point was that even inexperienced people were welcomed. I received thorough training until I was confident in my driving skills, so I was able to go out to the job site with peace of mind.

work atmosphere

As you can imagine, the employees were friendly and the atmosphere was good. Officially, there are clubs for golf and softball, but there are also some other hobby groups. I myself used to enjoy softball. I think it's a characteristic of this company that the drivers are on good terms with each other both on and off.


Local Bus and School Bus

At first, I was in charge of route buses. Many of our customers are elderly people, and since it functions as a means of transportation in the community, I think there were many opportunities to say thank you. Since I became in charge of school buses, in addition to putting safety and peace of mind first, my connections with people have increased, such as communicating with the school, children, and parents. At first, I was worried, but my children gradually began to open up to me, and I am happy that the school and their parents have gradually come to trust me.

Said "I love you"

I was so happy that I got goosebumps

Shizuko Yamanashi / Shizuko Yamanashi


Reason for joining the company

A friend introduced me to the job of watching over students with disabilities on the bus. It was a world I didn't know, but I wanted to get involved with those children, so I decided to take on the challenge. The first year was a series of surprises and conflicts. With the conflict that "I may not be able to do it anymore" and the feeling that "I've made it this far, let's continue". I couldn't read what the students were doing, and I was afraid that I might hit my head against the window. I think it was a year in which everything was fumbling, and I kept worrying about it.

attractiveness of this job

In my second year, I was put in charge of another school, but compared to the first bus, there were many children with milder disabilities, so I was able to enjoy conversations. From that point on, I started to feel like I was being drawn out, and as I progressed, it became more fun. Being in it makes me feel alive and energetic. I think that's why I was able to continue.


unforgettable episode

On the bus I rode in my third year. I had a child who didn't know what was causing him to cry. But there was also a feeling that I wanted to become a little closer. One day, I happened to find an empty seat on the bus on the way home, so I asked, "Can I sit next to you?" Then he took my hand and said, "I love you." For more than half a year, I was a child who was worried about how to treat him, so I was so happy that I got goosebumps.

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