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application andafter joining the companyflow

From joining the company to the first flight

I will introduce the journey from joining the company to the first flight.

*There are individual differences in the required period. Please use it as a reference.


Entered training center

In order to operate a taxi in Tokyo, it is necessary to pass a geography test. Therefore, first of all, we will teach you for the geography exam at our training center. With a passing rate of over 90%, the training center's unique know-how strongly backs up your success.


Passed the geography test and acquired a second-class license

Take and pass the geography test at the Tokyo Taxi Center. If you can demonstrate what you have learned at the training center, you will be fine. After that, you will acquire a class 2 license at our designated driving school. It's not as difficult as the geography exam, so you can take it with confidence.


In-house training

Through training such as how to respond to customers and how to read the meter according to the manual of the Nippon Kotsu Group, you will acquire the basic attitude to be a taxi of choice.


Training at the Automobile Accident Prevention Center

Comprehensively check your driving habits. Please remember to drive carefully.


Tokyo street training

In the Tokyo road training, we use a company car and actually hold the steering wheel by ourselves and study the roads in the city.

The operation manager rides with the train and conveys the points of geography mastery to provide targeted guidance.


Practical road training

The training at the time of joining the company will be completed by conducting actual sales for two days with an instructor on board. In this training, which will be the culmination, we will teach you the spirit of a taxi driver, "What is the job of a taxi?"

In addition, the instructor who was in charge of the guidance at that time, even after his debut, will consult with you especially empathetically about your worries.



Using what you have learned so far,All the operation managers and team leaders will do their best to support you so that you can get used to work as soon as possible.

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