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application andafter joining the companyflow

From application to job offer

We will introduce you to the path from application to job offer.

*There are individual differences in the required period. Please use it as a reference.



Please apply using the application form or by phone. We will inform you of the interview schedule later.



We will contact you about 3 days after you apply from the application form and decide the interview schedule. Please come to our office at the appointed time and have a thorough interview with the interviewer. In the interview, we will also check your driving skills in conjunction with the face-to-face interview.
*If you live in another prefecture, we will interview you over the phone after receiving a copy of your resume and driver's license.


health check

After the interview, you will be asked to undergo a health examination.


Recruitment selection

We will make a comprehensive selection.


Unofficial offer

It is scheduled to take about 10 days from application to informal decision.

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