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bus driver


there are various encounters

It's a boring job

Akira Sawasato


Reason for joining the company

I moved to Tokyo 9 years ago and worked as a taxi driver for another company for a year before joining Hitachi. Originally, I wanted to be a bus driver, but at the time there was no recruitment of inexperienced people, so I first joined a major taxi company that has a bus department, and after gaining experience as a taxi driver, I decided to transfer. I was thinking. However, that company was only a sightseeing bus, so my hope did not come true. In the meantime, I couldn't give up on the bus and was considering changing jobs. When I used to live in Taito Ward, I saw "Megurin" running and thought it looked fun, so I decided to apply.

attractiveness of this job

I find it fun to act as a means of transportation for the general public, as well as users of facilities such as hospitals, companies, and schools, and to interact with and explain things to tourists. Anyway, you can meet various people. There are various types of buses for sightseeing, welfare, etc., but in the case of community buses, they take the same route every morning. There are foreigners... Even if you run in the same place, every day will change, so you will never get bored.

Corporate culture

I enjoy working with people of all ages, from young employees in their 20s to people in their 60s like myself. Even in the break room, there is no hierarchy. I used to see "Megurin" in my neighborhood, and I thought it was nice to see the drivers smiling when they were on the way or taking a break. . Even on holidays, there are camera and bicycle groups, and sometimes there are employees who come back after quitting.

"Here I can do it myself"

I thought so

Megumi Kobayashi


Reason for joining the company

Since I live in Kameari, "Rainbow Katsushika" often passed by my neighborhood, and at that time I saw a signboard that was recruiting drivers. Also, at the sightseeing bus company I used to work for, a former employee of Hitachi Motor Transportation Co., Ltd. came to me and said, "Hitachi is good." I had obtained a two-class license from that company, but I felt that a 12-meter bus was too big for me... At that time, I saw a community bus at Hitachi's garage and saw the appearance of the "Rainbow Katsushika" in operation.

Corporate culture

As I heard from rumors, I feel that this is a friendly company with no barriers between seniors and juniors. I had the impression that drivers had a strict hierarchical relationship, so I thought it would be nice to not have that. From the first day I went to the garage, the school bus driver and veteran people talked to me, immediately taught me anything I didn't understand, and the greetings were pleasant. I could immediately feel the corporate culture.

Ease of working for women

The powder room at the head office is comfortable. In my case, I don't want to dress like a driver to work, so I change clothes there. Also, the Kazaguruma, where I work, has clean restrooms and rest rooms, and the customers are relaxed, so I think it's an environment that's particularly easy for women to work in. In fact, there are female drivers other than me who are on board. Of course, the work required of women as drivers is basically the same as that of men, but at this company, if you work hard, the people around you will kindly help you out.

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