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I have a lot of free time, so
I thoroughly enjoy my hobbies.

Yuko Tagami

Understand by type​Attractiveness of work


40s/50s~ Female


Reason for joining the company

At first, I wasn't very interested in the job of a taxi driver, but I was contacted by a career change website and was introduced to this job. This company was one of the two companies I received.The decisive factor was the one-year salary guaranteeI guess Another reason was that the person in charge was pleasant.

current state of mind

At first, I was just worried.Must cover the geography of the entire Tokyo area, I was inspired to try it during the training period. After going out to the site, it was difficult because I was required to quickly turn my head based on dialogue and requests with customers. In my case, it's slow to get used to it, so it's a struggle every day. (Laughs) In the group I belong to, senior drivers and newcomers gather and the group leader takes the lead in holding a pre-departure meeting. Now we share episodes on LINE etc., and we get advice, and communication is very active.


attractiveness of this job

It's fun to have a once-in-a-lifetime conversation with a customer. In my case, I have a new driver sticker, so some customers see it and lower their hands. On the contrary, there are people who dare to ride, and I am grateful. Also, although I work long hours in a day, I have a lot of time after coming home, so I think I can spend a lot of time after taking a nap. I have a variety of hobbies, so I spend all of my time doing that, and the rest is cleaning and doing laundry.


Worry-free salary guarantee

For inexperienced people, there is no end to anxiety about whether they can earn a stable income as a driver. For such people, a great emotional support is 350,000 yen x a one-year salary guarantee from the start of the flight. During this period, I hope that you will not have to worry about your income, and that you will gain as much knowledge and experience as you can, and that you will be able to grasp the tricks of earning your own money.


relieve anxiety

latest navigation system

Even taxi drivers who have undergone a thorough training and passed a rigorous test will never stop worrying about their route knowledge when they first debut. Therefore, our company is equipped with the latest navigation system as standard equipment. It also supports the latest electronic payment systems. In addition, since it is equipped with a drive recorder for safe driving, there is an environment where you can concentrate on driving with peace of mind.

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