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No routine, no quota,
Everything is up to you.

Junko Kikuchi

Understand by type​Attractiveness of work


Women in their 20s and 30s


Getting started and first impressions

This company was the best match for my requirements, such as a guaranteed salary. When I came to the interview, I had a slightly different impression from the taxi industry that I thought. Originally, I had a dull image of this industry, but the office here is beautiful, and there were many people working in the office, so I felt that the company was in good shape.

current state of mind

Good training and good support systemSo I think it's a friendly environment for inexperienced people. It's been about seven months since I started working on the site, but every day is a series of tensions. However, my seniors always take care of me, and new employee training continues once or twice a month.An environment where you can ask anything you do not understandthere is. I think taxi drivers are a job where you can earn money if you work hard, but to be honest, I haven't caught up to that yet. On the other hand, I feel that customers are unexpectedly kind, even for new drivers.


attractiveness of this job

There is no routine in this job and there is tension every day. Is it the salary that still keeps many people going? Also, I feel that there is no worry that it will collapse at the moment. You can go to other companies after gaining experience, and some people may think of it as a job that can be continued for a long time. I feel that I have the freedom to work at a company without being bound by quotas, and that everything is up to me.


Reliable training &

Support system

In order to work as a taxi driver in Tokyo, you must pass the geography test and the two-class license test. More than 90% of our training center students pass the geography test, which is generally considered difficult, on the first try. The secret lies in the training center for newcomers and dedicated instructors, which is said to be rare in the industry. In addition, the company will bear the full cost of obtaining a second-class license, so drivers can concentrate on exams and qualifications with peace of mind.


help increase incomeIn-house study session

We are entering an era where strategy is required for taxi work. At our company, we hold voluntary workshops among drivers, such as "in-house study groups" and "flow study groups" where you can receive advice from senior drivers who are highly profitable, and "Hitachi Tourism Classroom Study Group" for the purpose of improving service quality. Study groups are active. Through this kind of environment, everyone is realizing an increase in sales income.

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