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Increase your income through your own efforts
There is joy in supporting a family.

Hiroshi Kimura

Understand by type​Attractiveness of work


Male in his 20s and 30s


How I got into the company and how I feel now

I was completely inexperienced, but since my previous job was in the service industry and I like driving cars, I thought this job would be suitable for me. After I made my debut on set, there were times when I got tangled up with drunken customers and had a bad experience (laughs), but I think there are more fun things to do. Conversations with customers are lively, and voices of encouragement are received. In addition, many of the senior drivers in the company are kind and teach me a lot. There are a lot of young people in the operation management, so it's helpful for me to be able to consult with them empathetically.

attractiveness of this job

Increase your income through your effortsSo I feel like I can support my family. Especially during busy times, sales increase, so it's worth the effort.Monthly income increased by more than 100,000 yen compared to the previous jobAre you doing It's the moment I think I'm glad I'm doing a taxi. Also, I feel that the working style of working every other day suits me. Salaried workers commute to work every morning, but in my case, I have a high degree of freedom when it comes to working hours. (lol)


For those who want to become a driver

Even if you don't have driving experience, I think it's important to challenge everything. It may be uneasy at first, but even if you make a mistake, you can do something about it. This may be true of any job, but I think that working in a taxi is a job that requires a lot of hard work. I think it would be a good idea to take on the challenge without worrying.


Worry-free salary guarantee

For inexperienced people, there is no end to anxiety about whether they can earn a stable income as a driver. For such people, a great emotional support is 350,000 yen x a one-year salary guarantee from the start of the flight. During this period, I hope that you will not have to worry about your income, and that you will gain as much knowledge and experience as you can, and that you will be able to grasp the tricks of earning your own money.


Unique to Nippon Kotsu Group

strong support

Hitachi Motor Transportation boasts top-class income in the industry. The reason for this is the Nihon Kotsu Group's unique track record of 700,000 wireless vehicle dispatches and more than 40 dedicated stops in Tokyo. In addition, various business items that increase sales, such as the use of taxi tickets by large companies, are also available.

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