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application andafter joining the companyflow

inexperiencedThose who wish to train without a large type 2 license

Regarding community buses, we are actively hiring even inexperienced people.

In addition to support including the cost of obtaining a license,Please be assured that you will make your debut as a driver after carefully training and educating in-house.


Please apply by phone first.We will set up an interview date and time immediately.


After the interview, as early as 1 week to 10 daysWe will notify you of the result.


Once you have decided to join the company, you will first need to obtain a large type 2 license.Please make a reservation with us and go to the driving school.(The cost of obtaining a license is fully borne by the company and a daily wage is also paid.)

*Generally, it takes about 2-3 weeks to obtain a license 

*Acquisition period varies depending on the license held


At the same time, for several days, you will learn the knowledge of the bus industry, manners, and the mechanism of the equipment.


Together with the instructor driver, you will spend enough time on-site to learn from the acquisition of vehicle sensations to the training specialized for community buses.

*There are individual differences, but in general, it takes about 1-2 months to become independent.


It will be sunny and on-site debut. Please be assured that even after assignment, the operation manager and senior drivers will always be available for consultation.

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