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sightseeing bus driver

Who do you travel with every year?

it's like a friend

Michiyasu Matsui / Michiyasu Matsui


career so far

I used to work as a truck driver, carrying loads of goods. Originally, I wanted to become a driver of a sightseeing bus, but in the past, unlike today, it was common to take a test after passing through a truck driver instead of going to a driving school. After joining the company, I experienced route buses for 6 years, and then I was in charge of sightseeing buses. I have been in this profession for 11 years. I thought that getting a class 2 large license was my final goal, so it was a dream come true.

attractiveness of this job

I've always loved traveling, so it's fun to take customers to various sightseeing spots and ride slowly according to the guide's explanation. Also, running in unfamiliar lands is attractive to me. In particular, the buses I drive can accommodate passengers with disabilities, so I am very happy to be able to travel with them to various tourist destinations every year with their wheelchairs on board.


important trip of the year

We travel to various places every year with a certain group of customers with disabilities, and to be honest, we are already friends. Looking forward to the trip once a year, the people also work and save their own money. Since I am going to accompany you on such an important trip, I will keep the steering wheel in mind so that everyone can enjoy the trip and that the trip will end safely. For example, even when turning a curve, I always try to drive so that the customer does not shake or feel sick.

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