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Taxi job introduction


Compared to general office workers, the work style of taxi drivers may be a bit special. We will introduce the monthly shifts and the flow of the day so that you can easily draw an image of working.

shift for a month

Taxi drivers work in shifts every day and basically work 12 times a month (= 24 days). Also, the day after the working day is closed. Apart from that, we will be closed on the 6th and 7th of the month. Below, we show the flow of a day in the pattern of leaving the warehouse at 14:00, but we also have other patterns, such as leaving in the morning and returning to the office at dawn the next day, and working only during the day (24 days work).

The flow of the day


pointcall/team meetingg

At the time of roll call, the operation manager will convey notes on boarding. Before leaving the garage, a meeting is held between the crew members of their respective teams, and we aim to improve service by sharing behavioral goals related to accident prevention and customer service.


Start of business

In order to pick up customers, we will first head to the city center for sales.
There are a few tricks to this, and knowledge and experience are important.
First of all, being conscious of the flow of people will be the point that you will be able to earn more.



In the long-distance taxi business, the point is how to use break time.
Since it is a rule to take a break for 3 hours in a day's work, when and where to take a break is also an important factor.

We look for customers who use taxis to go home or to downtown areas.

By using the Nihon Kotsu Group-exclusive boarding areas in Roppongi, Shiodome, Otemachi, etc., you can reliably pick up your passengers.


Business reopening



Take a proper break in preparation for the late-night premium hours.


Business reopening

We operate mainly in downtown areas. We will operate mainly in areas such as Ginza, Roppongi, and Akasaka.

In this area, there are many customers of companies that have ticket contracts, so Nippon Kotsu Group's taxis are preferentially selected.

next day2:00


Proper breaks should be taken to avoid continuous driving for more than 4 hours.


Business reopening

You might think that there aren't many people using taxis at this time, but it's also the time when there are few other taxis, so if you use your head, you can make money efficiently.



Be prepared for the busiest hours of your commute by taking breaks.


​Business reopening

Most of our customers are commuters, so we will be open in the morning around residential areas.

During peak hours, there are people looking for taxis at each intersection, and radio dispatchers keep ringing, making it a busy time.




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